Travel - EECU

Whether you're exploring the world or transferring money across continents, we have a range of products and services to assist you.

Book your trip using EECU’s Visa Platinum Credit Card and receive complimentary cover on overseas travel insurance, interstate flight insurance, extended warranty insurance, purchase security insurance, and transport accident insurance.

The EECU Visa Platinum Credit Card also offers free worldwide emergency card replacement and special travel privileges through

Save time when away by purchasing foreign cash before you leave. EECU has access to over 35 currencies in a variety of denominations.

The Multi-currency Cash Passport Prepaid MasterCard® is a secure and convenient way to carry up to 10 currencies every time you travel. Use it online, in store or to withdraw local currency from ATMs - anywhere you see the MasterCard Acceptance mark.

Other ways we can help with your travel needs:
Visa Debit Card overseas
rediCARD overseas
Travel insurance