Saving accounts

Saving accounts - EECU

Even when you're saving money, you want your funds to be at call. EECU provides a comprehensive range of tailored, high-performing saving accounts.

Direct Saver

A self-managed savings account accessed through mobile and internet banking, which pays a highly competitive rate of interest.

Bonus Saver

Reach your goals faster with an account that pays you bonus interest when you deposit at least $50 and make no withdrawals in the same month.

Junior Saver

An account for the under 18's that pays high interest on the portion up to $4,999.

Cash Management

A high interest account with a wide range of facilities. Availability of sub-accounts means that it can also be used for special purposes and budgeting.

Negotiated Deposit

A high interest account for those members with more than $250,000 to be deposited at-call.