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Whatever your need, it's likely that we can help you with an EECU loan that suits. We can provide you with a loan for a variety of purposes, whether it's to buy your dream home or investment property, get a new car, take that well deserved holiday, improve your financial situation by consolidating your debts or even to make Christmas just that little bit more special.

We'll help you find a loan to suit your purpose and our approval process is streamlined to give you speedy access to your funds.

Home loans

Platinum Home Loan
Essentials Home Loan
Standard Home Loan
Bridging loan
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Line of Credit

Car loans

New car loan
Premium used car loan
Used car loan
Deposit Secured car loan
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Personal loans

Unsecured Personal loan
Deposit Secured Personal loan
Fully Secured Personal loan
Partially Secured Personal loan
Temporary Facility
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Investment loans

Platinum Home Loan
Standard Home Loan
Investment Plus
Line of Credit


Have the option of money on stand-by. Linked to your Access account to see you through those times when you need a little extra money.

Credit card

A Visa Platinum Credit card offering up to 46 days interest-free on purchases and an innovative cash rewards program.

Financial hardship

EECU understands that unexpected events can create financial hardship and we can assist if it happens.