Investment loans

Investment loans - EECU

Are you looking to:

  • Purchase an investment property or bonds
  • Buy shares or securities
  • Invest in managed funds or a property trust

EECU has an extensive range of loans suitable for investment purposes. EECU’s Investment loans are low cost and fully featured.

Package Home loan

A comprehensive banking package that gives you a loan that can be used for investment purposes with significant interest discounts, no loan settlement fee and discounts on a range of other services. Save money, simplify your banking and benefit from EECU's personal service.

Standard Home loan

A straightforward loan with a low rate that can be used for any investment purpose and gives you the ability to make extra payments and redraw extra funds at any time without penalty. Everything you need and nothing more at a low interest rate.

Investment Plus loan

A specially structured fixed-rate interest only investment loan, purpose built for investors.