About us

About us - EECU

EECU is a credit union for the ExxonMobil community. We are different to a bank in that we are owned by our members so our motivations are about offering the best deals, not maximising profits. Yes, we need to make money, but the money we make goes straight back into providing better interest rates, keeping fees at a minimum and ensuring a top level of service from our staff.

EECU offers a diverse range of retail financial services, including loans (home, car, personal), a national ATM service, savings and term deposit accounts, a comprehensive range of payment facilities and general insurance cover - just to name a few.

With members all over the world, EECU provides a complete range of mobile and internet banking facilities to enable you to keep in touch and transact at any time of the day or night, no matter where you are.

We have approximately 6,000 members who include ExxonMobil employees working in Australia and overseas, their family members and many former employees.

EECU has over $300M in assets under management.

EECU operates from two branches in Victoria - a Melbourne branch located in ExxonMobil Southbank building and a branch in Sale, which serves our Gippsland-based membership.